Board Packet

The board packet for the November 25, 2014, meeting of the NSJFPD Board of Directors is now available for download at the left of this page.

Measure Q Funding Clarification

 Recently we’ve become aware of some concern in the community that now that Measure Q has passed, the tax amount requested will automatically be increased every year.

This isn’t true, and has never been how our Fire District functions.

It is clearly stated in item #6 of the resolution that is the basis for Measure Q that: The Board of Directors may annually, by resolution passed by a simple majority of the Board, adjust the rate by an amount based upon changes in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA Consumer Price Index (CPI) or 3% whichever is less.

Any proposed cost of living adjustment in future years  must be publicly noticed and placed on the agenda of the North San Juan Fire Protection District Board of Director’s regular meeting  specifically to provide the opportunity for public input and discussion before a decision is made.

In 1986 when the existing special parcel tax was approved, no inflation adjustment was included. As the cost of everything increased, our revenue stayed the same. After 28 years we found it necessary to ask for additional funding so we can continue to provide emergency services to our community.

So why not just ask the people again for more money in the future and not write in an inflation adjustment?

Simply put, it is not a good use of the taxpayer’s money. Every time you gear up to go to election, it costs money. We believe that money is better spent on our firefighters’ equipment and training so that they can better serve our community.

Our Fire District has always worked to include our community in making the right decisions about providing for the safety of everyone in our community.  We asked for your input with a survey, we asked for your input by balloting the measure, and we will continue to ask for your input every year at our publicly-held meetings.




As the deadline to pay your annual Fire Prevention Fee draws near we want to make sure our NSJFPD residents know the following:
1. Not ONE penny of this “fee” goes to your local fire department. NOT ONE!
2. You must pay the fee however unfair you believe it to be or you will be penalized with even more fees!
3. For information on the current legal status of this fee, and on how you can lodge your personal protest, visit: http://www.firetaxprotest.org

The Fire Prevention Fee is an annual fee for fire prevention services that owners of habitable structures in the State’s Responsibility Area (SRA) are required by law to pay. The SRA is the area of the state where the State of California is financially responsible for the prevention and suppression of wildfires.

Our fire district is proud to provide our constituents with the best possible fire protection and emergency services at the lowest possible cost. We are distressed at the cavalier way that the State of California adds to each of our financial burdens at this time of economic weakness.

Remember, the fire fee does not pay one cent toward fighting fires, but rather backfills budget cuts made to Cal Fire years ago. Last year they collected $75 million from 800,000 property owners at a cost of $17. That’s almost 22% overhead.

Do you recycle printer cartridges?
Probably not, and they end up in the trash like ours used to. But no more! If you will drop off used cartridges (any brand or size) at Station 3 on Tyler Foote, the department will recycle them for you, and will receive three bucks each in the process! So make a painless contribution to your firefighters! Every little bit adds up and really helps!

Note: Many of the documents available on this site, including the budget and the District map, are in PDF format. If Acrobat Reader is not installed on your computer, you can download it free by clicking here.