Board Matters

The Board of Directors generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Station #3 (13200 Tyler Foote Rd.) at 7:00 PM. All members of the public are encouraged to attend. Agendas for each meeting are posted 72 hours in advance at Fire Stations 1 and 3, Mother Truckers, Sierra SuperStop, NSJ Post Office, and at Peterson’s Corner. We invite you to come and participate!

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Board Members

Five Directors each serve terms of four years; two members’ terms expire concurrently one year and three members’ terms expire concurrently two years later. Elections are held in November of even-numbered years. Unexpected vacancies on the board are handled either through appointment or
by special election.

Elections for one-calendar-year terms as board Chair, Vice-Chair, and Treasurer are held each year at the regular January board meeting.

Board Of Directors

Ed Beckenbach,  Chair, fourth term expires 12/2020
(530) 292-0207
Cell (530) 559-0913

   Freya Johnson, Vice-Chair, second term expires 12/2022
(530) 292-4343
Cell (530) 913-1995

Pat Leach, Treasurer, fourth term expires 12/2020
(530) 292-3122
Cell (530) 913-9347

Bruce E. Boyd,  Director sixth term expires 12/2022
(530) 292-3367
Cell (530) 906-6480

Tim Tschantz,  Director, first term expires 12/2022
(530) 478-7744
Cell (530) 575-6675


Additional Assignments

Finance Committee
Tracy Corris, Finance and Facilities Manager
Jason Flores, Fire Chief
Carol Chadima, Public Member
Pat Leach, Board Member
Bruce E. Boyd, Board Member
Representative to Nevada County Fire Agency
Pat Leach
Tim Tschantz (Alternate)
Nevada County LAFCo Liaison
Ed Beckenbach
Newsletter Editor
Pat Leach
Firefighter Association Liaison
Tim Tschantz
Yuba Watershed Council Liaison
Bruce E. Boyd
Fire Safe Council Liaison
Pat Leach 
Oak Tree Park and Recreation District Liaison
Bruce E. Boyd


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