Medical Emergencies

Over half of our responses
are to home or business medical emergencies. Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital provides ambulance service when needed. North San Juan Fire personnel on the scene can also call for helicopter evacuation if needed. In some instances, an ambulance must transport a victim to another

location suitable for helicopter landing in order to permit air evacuation.


Help us to reach you sooner by having your house numbers posted conspicuously, and take other reasonable precautions:
• When working outside your home, carry a cell phone or cordless phone;
• Consider using inexpensive “walkie-talkie” radios to communicate with a family    member or neighbor when doing potentially dangerous tasks like chain-sawing or brush-burning at some distance from your home;
• Alert first responders to unique medical conditions by wearing a “MedAlert”    bracelet, if appropriate, and contact us about our Rescue Outreach Program.


Consider your own training in first aid and CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.)
When a medical emergency arises, the first few minutes are of vital importance. If you’d like to upgrade your first aid or CPR skills, we’ll work with you or your group to arrange for the proper training. Call the District office for further information.


The Fire Department is also working with Sierra Family Medical Clinic
to provide Automatic External Defibrillators and training in their use. Eventually we hope to have such equipment in area businesses, community centers and other places where larger numbers congregate.