General Guidelines for Creating Defensible Space
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection


This brochure defines just what Defensible Space is and offers suggestions on how to achieve it around your home. It should be required reading in our environment.


FACES: The Story of the Victims of Southern California’s
2003 Fire Siege


In October and November, 2003, Southern California suffered what became a complex of 14 major wildfires in which 23 people died. This report tells the story of the fires from the point of view of the victims. What do they have to tell us? What could we have done to save them? What can we do better next time?



For about nine months beginning in September 2005, the Financial Analysis Committee, or FAC, a subcommittee of your board of directors, conducted a study of the financial future of your department. Their report was presented to the board in June. A Special Board Meeting on Wednesday, September 6, began a series of public meetings to discuss the report and to plan for the future.

The entire document is 41 pages, and will take a while to download, even though in black and white. As another option, a copy of the report that includes color graphs (which makes the information easier to understand), may be picked up at the District Office on Tyler Foote, or will be mailed at no charge to anyone requesting a copy by calling 530-292-9159.



This plan provides the framework for implementation of the broader Nevada County Fire Plan at the local level. Of particular interest is Section 8 of the plan, which outlines actions to be taken to protect our community from wildfire.



From 2000 to 2004, the North San Juan Fire Protection District carried out a project entitled The Coordinated Yuba Watershed Health Improvement and Monitoring Project. This effort was funded by money generated by the Safe, Clean Reliable Water Supply Act bond measure approved by California voters through Proposition 204 in the 1996 General Election. In addition to the final report, this project resulted in four pamphlets for use by homeowners in our area. They are:

Raising Animals on Small Acreage
Plants for Every Reason
How to Protect Your Property from a Catastrophic Wildfire
Protecting Our Precious Resource – Water