Who We Are

We are the oldest volunteer fire department in Nevada County.
The department began serving the town of North San Juan in 1862, and was incorporated as a Fire Protection District in 1986. Today we cover the largest territory with the smallest budget of all fire districts in Nevada County.

We provide emergency services for 250 to 300 incidents per year. Like all fire departments, only a little over 10% of our emergency responses are related to fires. Over half of our responses involve medical emergencies, one-fourth are vehicle accidents, and the remainder are other miscellaneous emergencies. About 65% of our calls come from North San Juan or the San Juan Ridge area from Highway 49 to approximately Sages Road.

In addition to Medical Aid, Vehicle Accident, Wild Land and Structure Fire Response, the District provides:
Fire Prevention
First Aid Training
Search and Rescue
Hazardous Materials Response
Swiftwater Rescue
Safety and Injury Prevention
Public Assistance
Public Education


EMS call for assault victim in June 2013
EMS call for assault victim in June 2013

We are a Volunteer Fire Department. Our Firefighters, Board, Auxiliary members and several District residents who help with office tasks all donate their time. The Chief is paid a small stipend for what is almost a full-time job. The District Managers are paid part-time positions.

Station Locations

District Office
13200 Tyler Foote Crossing Rd.
Nevada City, CA 95959
P.O. Box 299
North San Juan, CA  95960
(530) 292-9159
(530) 292-1417 Fax

Station #3
13200 Tyler Foote Crossing Rd.

Nevada City, CA 95959

Station #2
20399 Pleasant Valley Rd.
North San Juan, CA 95960

Station #1
10057 Reservoir St.
North San Juan, CA  95960

Roster (Updated September 2019)

Flores, Jason, Fire Chief –  EMT
Browning, Tom, Deputy  Chief – EMT
Dorn, Chris, Battalion Chief, EMT Stations 1 & 2
Flores, Angela, Battalion Chief, EMT- EMS & Station 4
Van Order, Nathaniel, Battalion Chief, EMT – Station 3
Mark Roland, Captain – Station 2 – EMR
Mead, Rich, Captain, Station 3 & 4
Fites-Kaufman, Casey, Engineer, Station 1, EMT
Guetebier, Andy, Engineer, Station 1, AEMT
Scott, Bill, Engineer, Station 2 – EMT
Simpson, Forrest, Engineer, Station 3 – EMT
Rainville, Chris, Engineer, Station 3 – EMT
Stead, Judy, Engineer, Station 4

Bottaro, Uma
Burke, Sambhava
Chen See, Kamala
Davis, Tommy *

Lingen, Doug –  Reserve – EMT
Gross, Micah
Guetebier, Andy – EMT
Hunter, Jacob –
Lehman, Eugene – EMT
Maurin, Michael
Moorhouse, Christian – AEMT
Rodriguez, Alejandro 

Shay, Cameron  – EMT

McGarva, Lynn, District Manager, Finance and Facilities 

Ryan, Heidi,  District Manager, Operations and Personnel + Board Secretary

Board of Directors
Tschantz, Tim –  Chair
Boyd, Bruce –  Vice Chair
Leach, Pat – Treasurer
Williamson, Rhea – Director

Hinrichs, Samantha – Director

Administrative Volunteers
Beckenbach, Sharon

Fire Auxiliary 
Lorenz, Nancy -President


December 2020
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