‘Be Water Safe’ Life Jacket Giveaway Program

13260032_10204990888292395_1943907010960780448_nAs the weather warms up Nevada County families head to the rivers, lakes, and swimming pools. National Water Safety Month is the perfect time to ensure you and your family are prepared to spend a fun, safe day by the water.

Wearing a proper fitting life jacket is important for people of all ages.  In an effort to make life jackets readily available, North San Juan Fire Protection District and Firefighter’s Association, in memory of Keegan Carovich, will hold their third annual ‘Be Water Safe’ Life Jacket Giveaway.  As part of the Be Water Safe program and National Water Safety Month, North San Juan Fire will provide free, properly fitted, life jackets for children in our community.  The life jacket giveaway will take place throughout the summer.  Check our events calendar for dates.

Each season life jackets should be tried on for size and proper fit. If your child has outgrown a life jacket they received from this program in previous years you may return it for a new, properly fitting one.

For more information contact Shawn Olson at (530) 292-9159.