In Gratitude to the San Juan Ridge Community
A very sincere expression of gratitude goes out to the San Juan Ridge community for their support in the passing of Measure Q. On behalf of the Board, the District, and the firefighters…we’d like to say THANK YOU!

If you’d like to see  how your tax dollars are being spent, click on the link below to access the annual Special Tax Report.

Measure Q Tax Report 2015/16
Measure Q Tax Report 2014/15


Measure Q Correction on the 2016 Tax Bills
In 2014 the voters in the North San Juan Fire Protection District approved Measure Q, a parcel tax to fund advanced medical programs, train volunteer fire fighters, and provide increased responsiveness to wildland fires.  This tax was to be set at the rate of $61.50 per year for the average single family home.  Also approved in this ballot measure was an option to increase the annual tax for inflation according to the Consumer Price Index, but never to exceed 3% in any single year.

In 2015, the Fire District Board chose to not impose an increase for inflation, but the District’s consultant erroneously submitted tax levies to the County Tax Collector that included a 2.67% increase (or $1.64 for the average home).  This error was not noticed until well after all the tax bills had been printed and mailed.  In order to correct this error, the District chose to provide a credit on the 2016 tax bills.

However, the tax bill does not allow room to show the true rate of $61.50 and the credit of $1.64, so the average single family home owner will see a single line for the Measure Q tax on their property tax bill at the rate of $59.86 (which is equal to $61.50 minus the $1.64 credit).  Other types of properties such as multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural or vacant will see different rates, but the percentage differences will be the same.

We apologize for the error and any confusion or inconvenience it may have caused.  Please also note that the District Board of Directors has kept the true annual tax rate at $61.50 – they have decided not to impose any inflationary increases since its approval in 2014.